It has been observed that photoaged and aged skins treated with hyaluronic acid increase the production of procollagen I in vivo. There is also evidence that injections of hyaluronic acid stimulate fibroblasts to produce matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor matrix I (TIMP-1), modulate inflammatory cells Alvera Tone Review, the interaction between proteoglycans of the extracellular matrix and can even neutralize free radicals.

Because collagen has a half-life of 15 years, it is believed that repeated injections with hyaluronic acid can lead to a lasting production and accumulation of collagen Alvera Tone Review.

Louise Gill, a nurse from Millburn, New Jersey, is 100 years old and has an enviable memory, to the point that she remembers as if it were yesterday when she first exercised her right to vote. He did it in 1933, by Franklin D. Roosevelt.